I thought: I’m going to lose my job over this, but you know what? Let’s do it anyway.  Martina Poulopati, Global Marketing & Communications Director, Essity

Next week, LIONS Live reveals the delightfully unexpected lessons that come before a creative triumph. In our ‘Behind the Scenes’ series, we trace Libresse’s five-year journey to smash toxic taboos and transform the small feminine care brand into a Titanium Lion-winner in a category cluttered with clichés around ‘freshness’.

Why To Watch
AMV BBDO and Essity explain how they won over broadcasters and counteracted shame with joy in their work together on campaigns like ‘Red.Fit’, BloodNormal ’and‘ Viva La Vulva ’. The team beautifully articulates the blood, sweat and tears that make the creative journey worthwhile – from the hard times to the good.

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