Starring Jesper Christensen (Casino Royale), Louis Næss- Schmidt (The Chestnut Man) Lars Ranthe (Another RoundCaspar Phillipson (Mission Impossible), Joachim Fjelstrup (Ride Upon the Storm) and Patrica Shumman (Ride Upon the Storm)

STENOFONEN is based on the director Nicolaj Kopernikus’ father´s story and mostly takes place in the 1950´s when the father was just 12 years old. Kopernikus’ son Louis Næss- Schmidt plays the lead role in this very personal story. This beautiful film has qualified to be considered for a 2022 Academy Award.

Jørn is trying to get his father’s attention and love. He loves music. This is where he finds joy and happiness, but his father fails to see his talent. As an old man Jørn discovers that the music can set him free from his past.

Actor and now Director Nicolaj Kopernikus made his big breakthrough in the feature film LET’S GET LOST and later in the movie THE BENCH, playing an alcoholic in the dramatic film about Kaj’s life. He rose to fame through his popular role of the Vagn Skærbæk in the Emmy nominated TV series THE KILLING. For the last 5 years Kopernikus has shared his skills behind the camera directing. He is currently working on a Sci-Fi TV series familiar to the TV series STRANGER THINGS.

Producer Kim Magnusson founded M&M Productions with his father, Tivi Magnusson in 1995. He was later headhunted to run Nordisk Films Film Division. He has produced or Executive Produced more than 150 films, and TV-series such as ADAMS APPLES, HEADHUNTER, TERKEL IN TROUBLE,  R, PUSHER II &P III, MEN & CHICKEN and I KILL GIANTS.  He has been Oscar® nominated in the category Live Action Short Film” six times and won the coveted award 2 times – in 1999 for ELECTION NIGHT and in 2014 for HELIUM. Kim Magnusson has been the chairman of the Danish Producers Association for 9 years as well as chairman of the Danish Film Academy for 20 years. He recently co-founded a new pan-Nordic distribution company Scandinavian Film Distribution.